Boiler Retubes and Code Repairs

Maintaining the vessel of your boiler is one of the most important aspects of keeping your boiler in good working order.  However, with age and/or improper chemical treatment the tubes and tube sheets can begin to leak and become damaged. If the tubes are leaking, scaled, or damaged in any way it can greatly affect the efficiency and output capacities of your boiler, as well as become a safety concern for operators and equipment itself.

Servco's highly trained and code certified technicians can identify the problem and offer solutions that may include tube replacement or repairing the vessel itself.  We maintain the largest stock inventory of boiler tubes in the intermountain west and can cut them to custom lengths to fit your boilers needs.


Servco currently holds several stamps and certifications that allow us to perform pressure vessel repairs and alterations, along with changes to or new runs of code piping, and much more.

Below is a list of the stamps and certificates currently held by Servco:

  • R stamp - Issued by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors. All repairs and alterations are performed in accordance with the requirements of the National Board.
  • S stamp - Issued by ASME
  • U stamp - Issued by ASME


In many cases, tube failures happen suddenly and can cause serious damage to your boiler.  In the case of a sudden tube failure, our technicians are available 24/7 and can respond quickly to get you back on line.  Our highly trained team is extremely efficient at removing and replacing your tubes safely and in accordance with National Board/ASME requirements.

Satisfied Customers

In our industry it is easy to get caught up in the rhetoric of companies professing to be the best.  That is why we are proud to have the customers we do that have expressed their appreciation to us for the services we have provided them and do that professing for us.  

American Fork Hospital

This customer recently had some issues with their boiler that resulted in an emergency retube over a Saturday-Sunday period to have them back up and running by Monday.

"Tell all of the men that were involved in this project thank you very much from me.  If every company held the same standards that you folks do, this country would have never gone down hill the way it has.  I worked my guts out, just like these guys do, until age slowed me down.  I am always impressed to see that there are still some hard working Americans out there.  In the future, I will look to Servco for my boiler parts and service.  Thanks so much, Reed Bailey"

Reed Bailey

Facility Manager - Boiler Plant

IHC - American Fork Hospital

American Fork, Utah

Tropical Resources - Morinda

This customer recently experienced major issues with their boiler, resulting in a complete retube and replacing the rear tube sheet.  This was another all-weekend repair as we were notified late in the day Friday and were told the plant needed to be operational by Monday morning.

"Servco Service Team...

I just wanted to drop you all a note of appreciation for the fantastic job done on the retube of our scotch marine boiler.  As I'm sure you all remember it was late on a Friday afternoon when the decision was made to retube the boiler and it to be back up and running for Mondays production.  I would be lying if I said I wasn't a bit skeptical when we were told the job would be complete and the boiler back on line by Monday morning, especially when we heard the welding crew was on their way back from another job in Vernal, Utah.  But as promised, the crew showed up and worked around the clock through Sunday evening to complete the job! Not only was the job done as promised, it was done to the highest quality and standard!"

Thanks again for job VERY well done!"

Mark Davis

Plant Engineer

Tropical Resources - Morinda

American Fork, Utah

PH 801-234-3813