How To Rent A Boiler

At Servco we pride ourselves in offering the highest level of customer service and support so you can get your operations up and running as quickly as possible.  The following steps will help you through the rental process and guide you to what information is crucial for selecting the right equipment to meet your needs.

Identify Your System Requirement

  • System Type - Hot Water or Steam
  • Capacity
  • Operating Pressure and Temperatures
  • Fuel Type and Pressure
  • Electrical Source (Amps @ Voltage/Phase/Hz)

Determine Your Delivery Schedule

  • How quickly do you need the boiler
  • Is this on a weekend - if so, can it wait until a weekday
  • What time of year is it - winter months can take longer for delivery

Determine How Long You Need The Rental

  • 1 Month or longer
  • 6 Months or longer
  • 12 Months or longer

Identify All Your Utility Tie In Points

  • Fuel
  • Softened Water
  • Chemical Treatment
  • Steam / Hot Water
  • Blowdowns 
  • Electrical

Identify All Permitting Required

  • Emissions Permits - DEQ
  • Construction Permits
  • Operating Permits

Other Items To Consider

  • Do you need supporting equipment for the boiler (i.e. deaerator, pumps, etc.)
  • Where will the boiler be located during the rental period - outside or inside
  • Will the equipment be left on a trailer or set on a foundation/pad on site
  • What type of weather protection will be required for the equipment
  • Request copies of equipment drawings and descriptions from your supplier
  • Ensure that there is a rental agreement in place between the Lessor and Lessee